VIC-1001 info

From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2001-12-14 00:46:58

  I've just posted the unique roms from the VIC-1001 on my site.  They
include a REV2 kernal, and a REV2 character rom.  I've tried them both in
VICE and they work great.

  In case you don't know, replace the chargen and kernal files from the
VIC20 directory in VICE with the two new roms, start VICE (in no expansion
memory mode) and enter:
Then do a shift-C= key to see the new characters.

  Interestingly, since the char rom was a 4k chip, I figured reading it as a
2732 would do the trick.  It did not, the second character set was filled
with 255s.  I had to read it as a 2564 or 2764 (I forget which) and just
ignore the upper 4k.  Anybody know why that is?

- Bo

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