RE: CBM Printer History /compatibility

From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2001-12-13 20:58:49

Radio Shack still carrys, as far as I know, both the pens and the paper for
their own plotter, which work perfectly in the 1520.  You have to mail order
them, however.

- Bo

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> Thanks all,
> I'm hoping to write an emulator for both the 1520 (I knew about this
> plotter, have two of them, but no pens) and the 1525 (as its the
> most basic
> of Commodore dot-matrix graphic printers).
> Would have liked to do a MPS1200 emulator, but the task sounds too big at
> present....
> That 802 sounds like a really weird machine with only one user-definable
> character..... very painful no doubt to print a whole page of graphics.
> - Nick
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