Re: ANNOUNCE: Serial Slave 0.6

From: Adam Dunkels (
Date: 2001-11-26 09:27:02

On Friday 23 November 2001 13:55, you wrote:
>   In a similar vein I implemented image loading yesterday. load
> "",6 produces a runable interlaced
> bitmap. The only problem is that I currently don't have a way of
> making it not do the conversion -- if you're copying files you want
> the jpeg file, not the converted image.

You could always do it like:

load "ifli:",6

to get a runnable interlaced FLI image. With some extra coding, you could even

load "ifli:",6

to get the rendered CNN frontpage as a runnable IFLI (this would require some 
Mozilla or Khtml rendering stuff on the PC side). Even though it wouldn't be 
a real interactive web browser, it would be a cool way to show off the C64 to 
unsuspecting friends (after having showed them the C64 web server)!

Adam Dunkels <>

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