RE: ANNOUNCE: Serial Slave 0.6

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2001-11-23 13:55:36

>>>>> "MM" == Marko Mäkelä <> writes:
>>>>> "NC" == ncoplin  <> writes:

NC> Very interesting. Cute feature also being able to "LOAD a URL".

Yep. Credit should go to Adam Dunkels who mentioned that it'd be
possible for uIP to do something like that. I looked at the server
source and noticed that it just needed less than 10 lines of code.
Perl rules for this kind of thing

NC> What happens if you try a HTML page? Could include a filter on the
NC> PC side to translate it to PETASCII text only? Would make for a
NC> very simple C64 internet browser (not another one I hear people
NC> say...)

I was thinking html -> basic listing :) But yes, I intend to implement
an ascii text reader so that you can view docs. Having the server send
plain text when you load an URL is dead simple. The current test
program I have just uses lynx -dump to produce it, but I don't want
lynx to be a requirement so I'll have to implement a small HTML
stripper and text formatter before I can include it.
  In a similar vein I implemented image loading yesterday. load
"",6 produces a runable interlaced
bitmap. The only problem is that I currently don't have a way of
making it not do the conversion -- if you're copying files you want
the jpeg file, not the converted image.

NC> One question about the 232 interface, does it need to be SW or
NC> Turbo232, or will any 6551 compatible module do it?

MM> I asked the same question off the list. MagerValp says that it's
MM> easy to replace the 3 required primitives: initialize, send, and
MM> receive. I think that with small modifications, this program would
MM> work with the current version of my C2N232 firmware.

The current drivers are hardcoded to a clock doubled 6551 at $DE00, a
la SwiftLink/Turbo232. This is very simple to change, it's less than
20 lines of assembly code. Groepaz has sent me the code for using the
Retro Replay Silver Surfer interface, and as Marko says it shouldn't
be too hard to support his cassette port interface.
  If you want to take a peek at the code, it's online at

PS: I'd like to get started on the C128 mode driver, but I don't have
    a native assembler. What's a good one? I'm used to Turbo Assembler
    on the C64, and something that can assemble to a REU bank would be
    great. And where's a good spot to put the driver? $1c00?

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