Re: ANNOUNCE: Serial Slave 0.6

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2001-11-26 13:19:49

>>>>> "AD" == Adam Dunkels <> writes:

AD> You could always do it like:

AD> load "ifli:",6

Yep, that's the current plan. Only mci: for now (I had some old source
lying around), but i'll include hi: and mc: too.

AD> load "ifli:",6

AD> to get the rendered CNN frontpage as a runnable IFLI (this would
AD> require some Mozilla or Khtml rendering stuff on the PC side).
AD> Even though it wouldn't be a real interactive web browser, it
AD> would be a cool way to show off the C64 to unsuspecting friends
AD> (after having showed them the C64 web server)!

I don't think I'll do something as advanced as that. For one thing,
it'd drive up the requirements way too high. A lot of Windows users
even feel that installing Perl is too much of a bother, but screw 'em :)
  But what I want to do is add a text viewer (with html->text conver-
sion on the PC side), with some way of getting a list of links from
it, and the ability to save downloaded URLs to disk. It won't be a web
browser, but if you know a good URL to start at (eg you
should be able to download files comfortably.
  Currently a d64 reader/writer feels more important, and the file
copier could use a lot more work.

PS: has anyone tried it yet? I've gotten lots of questions but no
    reports on if it works :)

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