Re: hello and ARVI dead (EPROM?) question

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2001-11-19 15:22:59

Barry Hill wrote:
> Would somebody with an EPROM programmer be kind enough to make me a
> copy of their EPROM and send it over (obviously you'd be re-imbursed).

Most AR6 cartridges have a PLCC32 EPROM (surface mounted) that can't be
easily exchanged. 

> Or could it be something else?

A well known problems is dirty contacts. Try to clean the contact of both the
cartridge and your C= expansion port connector.

Nowadays, there's also the RetroReplay cartridge, an improved AR6 clone. It's
price is reasonable and it comes with 32kB RAM and 128kB Flash, so you can
always use your preferred version of the AR. And it has gold covered
contacts, so you probably won't get as many problems with this one! Check :-)


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