hello and ARVI dead (EPROM?) question

From: Barry Hill (barry_at_penrallt.clara.co.uk)
Date: 2001-11-19 14:26:57

Hi folks!

First I'd like to introduce myself quickly, as I'm new to this list.
I hope I don't bore anyone :-)

Then, I have a question, which I dearly hope someone can help me with!!

Way back in the 80s when I lived in Germany the C64 was my 2nd
computer (after a ZX81) and is still my favourite. I collected tons of
C64-related stuff (3 C128Ds; 4 1571s, 3 monitors, a 1581, a REU, tons
of books and magazines and the most useful gadget ever invented: the
Action Replay Mark 6 (ARVI) cartridge!!

Apart from playing my all-time favourite games (Elite, Giana sisters) I
enjoyed programming it in assembler. Most projects never came to
anything and were just for fun (e.g. displaying 80 sprites etc.) I
also liked interfacing it to external hardware, such as a LCD display
and various input devices (sensors).

Due to other commitments (girlfriend; computing degree; job;
renovating our newly aquired smallholding here in the UK) the C64 was
"boxed" for about 7 years as the PC took over... until Yesterday!

The first thing I got out was a C64 and the ARVI, but to my dismay the
ARVI only booted up with a blue screen and 2 lines "AR Mk 6
Professional Copyright Datel 1989".

Has anyone experienced this before? My thoughts were that the EPROM
has somehow been partially erased ... due to it's "age"?

Would somebody with an EPROM programmer be kind enough to make me a
copy of their EPROM and send it over (obviously you'd be re-imbursed).

Or could it be something else?

Most grateful for any help,


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