Cassette port connectors and cases

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-10-25 12:21:04

I have almost finished with developing software for a device that could be
described as an intelligent RS-232 adapter for the Commodore serial port.
The advantage of this device is that it works with every 8-bit Commodore
and every computer that is equipped with a 3-wire 38400 bps RS-232

I would like to package this device nicely.  The circuit board I have
designed has a place for a DB-9 connector at one end and a place for the
6-contact Commodore cassette por conncetor at another end.  (Commodore 16
and plus/4 users will have to use an adapter, or mount a wire that has an
applicable mini-DIN connector on the other end.)

Are there any standard connector housings that could house both the
cassette port connector (single or double sided card edge connector with
6 contacts at 3.96 mm spacing) and the "IBM PC/AT standard RS-232" DB-9
connector, and the circuit board?

If my current circuit board design is too big, I'll omit CTS and RTS from
the connection and replace the MAX232 with a chip that has half the
capacity (only TxD and RxD), and maybe go for SMD technology.

By the way, I will release the hardware and all software as open source,
as soon as I have ported the custom cassette port transfer routines (over
5 kilobytes per second) from the VIC-20 to other computers, including the
PET II series, which was not previously supported by prlink.


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