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From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2001-09-06 01:56:33

> It seems that I've lost a prospective customer. :-)  I'm developing a
> device that consists of an Atmel AVR AT90S2313 microcontroller (now
> clocked at 8 MHz, but I think 4 MHz should do equally well) and a Maxim
> MAX232 compatible RS-232 driver.  This device plugs into the cassette port
> of almost any 8-bit Commodore (e.g. the SX-64 doesn't have a cassette
> port).

You haven't lost a customer, I still use a Power Mac 7300 that I turned
into a G3, plus the other Macs infesting this apartment. (There's almost
as many Macintoshes here as there are Commodores. :-)

> I also read that newer Macs don't come with RS-232 any more.  
> Christopher, how hard is it to use that USB-RS232 converter? Is it some
> sort of a standard device, or are such devices made by several companies,
> all hiding the specifications and asking for truckloads of money if you
> want some programming documentation?  Or is there a standard serial line
> library interface on the Mac?

The extension for the USB->Mac serial converter handles the low-level
conversion and is transparent to software. The G4 in the office has such
a device, but a System 7.5 era printer driver (and it doesn't know the

Macs never really were RS-232, though, but RS-422. I don't know if that
makes much difference to your circuit design or not.

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