RE: swiftlink, disk image transfer

From: Christopher Phillips (
Date: 2001-09-05 17:01:24

Marko Mäkelä []wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, Christopher Phillips wrote:
> > I've currently got my c64 linked to my mac via a swiftlink cartridge
> > and a USB to serial adaptor.
> It seems that I've lost a prospective customer. :-)  I'm developing a
> device that ... plugs into the cassette port
> of almost any 8-bit Commodore (e.g. the SX-64 doesn't have a cassette
> port).

Not necessarily; my big objection to resorting to swiftlink was
that it displaces my Action Replay, which makes development
much harder than it would otherwise be.  (prior to standard serial,
which I didn't have all the right cables and adaptors for before
last night, I considered transfering via MIDI, but my c64 MIDI
cart failed, and by video capture, but my composite to DV
adaptor doesn't like the c64 video signal!)

> I also read that newer Macs don't come with RS-232 any more.  
> Christopher, how hard is it to use that USB-RS232 converter? 
> Or is there a standard serial line library interface on the Mac?

yup; the OS supplies a communications toolbox.  The USB drivers
just add named ports to complement the original Modem and Printer
ports if you have them.  Actually, the pod I have contains
two ports, one of which supports some additional capabilities
so it can emulate the original mac Printer port, so I have a
choice between Modem (which reaches the internal modem),
Printer (port 1 on the pod) and USA28x#2 (port2 on the pod).

I'm actually using a terminal program that pre-dates the USB
macintoshes for my XModem transfers, and it has no clue that
USB is involved at all.  Quite odd typing on my mac and
seeing 80-column text on my c64 :-)  I might have
to start using my c64 for serial debug printfs...

> Currently I'm writing AVR assembler part of the software.  The first
> function I'm implementing is the measurement of pulse widths on the
> cassette write line.  Emulating the low-level cassette read and write
> protocol will be next in the line.  Once that stuff works, 
> I'll implement
> something prlink-like that would provide an alternative 
> solution to your
> problem.

Cool.  As I have spent the last four or five years meaning to get
around to this, you may yet have that working before I manage
an alternative.


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