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Date: 2001-09-05 23:08:06

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> The CMD FD and HD series do support the burst protocol as found in those
> devices, the 1571/1581 drives. The CMD RAMLink does not support the burst
> protocol though. It doesn't make sense for the RAMLink to have burst
> capability. :)

I hate to follow up on my own posting, but I remember something related. I
created an utility that can burst read in an entire 1541 disk to SuperRAM
memory in the SuperCPU in 128 mode. The process took like 20 seconds for an
entire disk image to be fully read into SuperRAM.

The trickiest thing about burst reading in an 1541 disk image from a 1571
disk drive was the interleave factor. I remember setting the interleave
factor to a value of 5 and the routines would read in sectors after sectors
and they would be out of order. The utility then rearranged the sectors and
created a 1541 disk image wholly within SuperRAM.

If anyone is interested, I can upload the source code for the Fridge. I'll
have to look for it, though.

-Todd Elliott

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