Re: D9090 repair help

From: Adrian Vickers (
Date: 2001-08-25 12:39:53

At 10:13 am 24/08/2001 +0300, you wrote:

>I have improved my knowledge & skills working as a Technician for a couple
>of years and I have opened & examined one of the drives in detail and after
>days of work, I have concluded that the components are all working but I
>found a CUT TRACK !!!!
>The TRACK on BOTH D9090 hard drives looks like someone cut it. Very strange
>for BOTH to have this cut track.
>BUT, I am not sure if this was done by commodore when they manufactured the
>device or if the previous repairer cut these Tracks to ensure no one repairs

It *could* be the device-select position. According to a chap I was
speaking to (WRT 8050 drives), there's an IC which determines which device
number the drive takes, and to change it one cuts tracks (or, if sensible,
pops the IC from its socket and bends the appropriate legs up before

So it *may* be nothing more than that.

OTOH, that's the limit of my knowledge of these devices.

B-Racing: B where it's at :-)

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