D9090 repair help

From: Marko Mäkelä (msmakela_at_cc.hut.fi)
Date: 2001-08-24 09:13:41

Hello Ian,

I'm forwarding your question to the cbm-hackers mailing list, since I
don't have enough experience with the D9090.  I've seen a PET-era
Commodore hard disk only twice, both times in Germany.


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Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 08:43:41 +1000
From: Ian Paul <IPaul@newtronics.com.au>
To: Marko Mäkelä <msmakela@cc.hut.fi>
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Thanx for your advise. 
Sad that the C64 can't directly create .sfx files, as there seems to be many
utilities on the C64 for converting from sfx to something else...

One other question. I have two Commodore D9090 Hard drives that have both
stopped working 5 years ago. At the time, I took them to a repairer but I
think that he deliberately damaged the electronics, because he wanted to
sell me a CMD-Hard drive and he knew I was very reluctant to buy the CMD, if
he managed to gety my D9090's working.
I have improved my knowledge & skills working as a Technician for a couple
of years and I have opened & examined one of the drives in detail and after
days of work, I have concluded that the components are all working but I
found a CUT TRACK !!!!
The TRACK on BOTH D9090 hard drives looks like someone cut it. Very strange
for BOTH to have this cut track.
BUT, I am not sure if this was done by commodore when they manufactured the
device or if the previous repairer cut these Tracks to ensure no one repairs

I am desperately seeking advice, Do you know anyone who cn help me with this
? I have used my scanner to scan in all PCB's from the D9090, so I can email
a very clear photo of the suspect area if need be.
Any advice ? 

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> On Thu, 23 Aug 2001, Ian Paul wrote:
> > I have been searching for the utility that allows a C64 user to create a
> > file with the extension .SFX , ie - a self extracting file but I can't
> find
> > it.
> If you have a C128 and a REU, then you can use CS-DOS and the LHX program
> (I think it was called so).  Another option is to use the LHA archiver,
> which is available for MS-DOS, AmigaDOS and Unix systems.  Apply a option
> that creates old-style archives (with the -lh1- compression method).  Then
> append the result to the 3721-byte SFX header that you can pick from
> (almost) any SFX file.  You may want to edit the file names.  Many years
> ago, I wrote the utility LZHconvert.lzh for that task.
> 	Marko

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