RE: D9090 repair help

From: Ray Bryan (
Date: 2001-08-25 19:14:09

> strange
> >for BOTH to have this cut track.
> >BUT, I am not sure if this was done by commodore when they manufactured
> the
> >device or if the previous repairer cut these Tracks to ensure no one
> repairs
> >them.
> It *could* be the device-select position. According to a chap I was
> speaking to (WRT 8050 drives), there's an IC which determines which device
> number the drive takes, and to change it one cuts tracks (or, if sensible,
> pops the IC from its socket and bends the appropriate legs up before
> re-inserting).
> So it *may* be nothing more than that.
> OTOH, that's the limit of my knowledge of these devices.
Sometimes Commodore did last minute factory QC hardware fixes in similar fashion on
PCBoards I have seen.


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