Re: IRQ for 6502

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-08-21 09:51:28

Hallo Chris,

> However, the following quote from the 6522 data sheet may save your day:

Not quite. The main idea behind my 1541IDE project is to start with an
original 1541. The only part that has to be replaced is the ROM. And even
the contents I want to keep as original as possible in the hope that it
still can be used with a lot of serial speedloaders. This simply means I
cannot mangle with the original IRQ for the moment. "For the moment" as I am
not familiar enough with the ROM. If the place I discovered is the only one
where the IRQ-flag is cleared, then your idea still can be used.

On the other hand I realise that parallel speedloaders like SpeedDos use
port A as well. And they work fine AFAIK. Maybe I am worried about nothing

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