Re: C128D to SVGA

From: Don Judy (
Date: 2001-08-14 12:27:01

Nicolas Welte wrote:
> And I can't confirm the color on pin 7 behaviour with my own experience. I
> surely remember that I had my 1702 connected to my DCR, and it did not show
> any color. And what is even worse, somehow the signal on that pin is too
> strong for a normal composite input, which makes the image much too bright.
> Since I also had a 1084 I didn't have a reason to do anything about this.
> Nicolas
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That signal looks slightly better through the
luminance input on the
back of the 1702. It looks best through a
composite monochrome monitor,
although the Commodore monochrome monitor I have
doesn't work with it.
I've never seen color from that pin on any DCR of
mine with the 1702.
I did use these together for two years and grew to
dislike the composite monochrome solution. 


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