Re: C116 keyboard

From: Hársfalvi Levente (
Date: 2001-08-14 12:46:08


Richard Atkinson wrote:
> You can have the rubber mat (keyboard) from my "parts" C116;

I'm also looking around here (HU) for the mat. A fairly large number
(compared to the total # ever) of these odd creatures were sold here, so
I think I should find one rather than letting you send me yours.

Thanks :-). But no, I think you'll also need that later.

> how will you
> then put the keyboard back together? Originally the PCB was fixed to the
> grey plastic front part (with the rubber mat in between) by melting and
> deforming the plastic posts on the plastic part. It's difficult to see how
> to replicate this.

The keyboard was disassembled, so the posts were broken from the grey
keyboard plate (and the parts were re-assembled with applying lots of
superglue :-/). As I remember, Ruud had a smart trick for remounting
such broken-off tips.

Prof Dredd: thanks for the offer, as Martijn has pointed out the
keyboards are not the same (in fact I also have another spare C-16
keyboard). The 116 is a quite rare bird, even at here (I think the 264
series have been much more common here than in the US or the western
side of EU), and its keyboard should be the worst Commodore ever

(Anyway, the computer I have seems to be of the second series).


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