Re: C128D to SVGA

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2001-08-14 10:52:31 wrote:
> >> I read this statement before: "pin 7 of the RGB only outputs a monochrome
> >> videosignal". Then please explain why I see colour using this pin???
> >Do you perhaps have a C128DCR (metal case)?  On my C128D (plastic case) it
> >definitely is grey-scaled (black, one or two shades of grey, and white).
> >Also according to the schematic diagram, it should be without colours.
> Wow! Another unique feature of the DCR, just like Nicolas's EGA modes....

Well, the EGA mode is not unique to the DCR, only the programmable sync
polarities are, which are needed to signal the EGA resolution to an old
dual-frequency EGA monitor. Later Multisyncs as made by NEC, Mitsubishi and
Eizo would also work without this polarity signalling.

And I can't confirm the color on pin 7 behaviour with my own experience. I
surely remember that I had my 1702 connected to my DCR, and it did not show
any color. And what is even worse, somehow the signal on that pin is too
strong for a normal composite input, which makes the image much too bright.
Since I also had a 1084 I didn't have a reason to do anything about this.


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