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From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-07-27 10:17:58

On Fri, 27 Jul 2001 wrote:

> >A related note: there's a cheap PCB manufacturing shop in Bulgaria,
> >reachable via or

> Have you approached these guys for pricing on a generic prototyping board
> for the C64/128 expansion port.  I'm thinking something with a double sided
> connector, 1 or two EPROM pads and a generic area for mounting
> every/any-thing else. Overall board size say 150mm long.

No, I haven't contacted them.  I'm working on a project that makes use of
an Atmel ATmega103 and some RS-485 and RS-232 stuff.  A prototype run of
the board will probably be produced there.  It'll require 200-micrometer
resolution and all the fancy stuff.

A C64 prototype cartridge board could be manufactured with 400-micrometer
resolution and without any solder mask or anything, but maybe still with
plated-through holes.  It should be much cheaper (of course depending on
how many holes you want to put in the prototyping area).

Hmm, it seems that the only panel sizes Olimex offers are 160 by 100
millimeters and 320 by 200 millimeters.  They offer free panelization and
de-panelization (meaning that you pay only $26 USD or $104 USD for each
board.  There is no setup fee.  The C64 cartridge connector must be
something like 60 millimeters wide (I don't have one here, I'm estimating
from 22*2.54 mm).  You could fit 5 by 3 or 4 boards on a 320 by 200
millimeter panel, depending on how long the boards should be.  That'd be
$104/15 or $104/20 per board ($6.93 or $5.20), plus postage.  They'd
probably give a 20% discount if you order several panels.

> I was assuming 100boards which would hopefully drop the price down and
> could be distributed amongst interested parties?

I would be interested, also in a plus/4 prototype cartridge.  You could
perhaps draw both connectors on the board, so that the plus/4 connector
can be filed or sawed off when using the cartridge for the C64/C128.

I guess that the distributor should be in Europe (where the biggest demand
would probably be), in a country where the postage is cheap.  Finland is
not very cheap, and I'm not interested in the task.

I suggest that people who are interested in these prototype boards should
contact Nick directly (maybe with a CC to me) and not write to the list.


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