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Date: 2001-07-27 10:49:02

> Hmm, it seems that the only panel sizes Olimex offers are 160 by 100
> millimeters and 320 by 200 millimeters.  They offer free panelization and
> de-panelization (meaning that you pay only $26 USD or $104 USD for each
> board.  There is no setup fee.

You might also want to have a look at MVPCB.

For single PCBs (two-sided w/ 2x solder resist, free-form shape) they
charge a max of DM65 per dm^2 (drops down to DM40/dm^2 on big PCBs); if
you don't care about solder resist it's DM52.50 to DM32 per dm^2. Single
sided PCBs are DM45 to DM25; 4-times multilayer DM195 to DM110.

If you plan to do a small series of 10/25/50 item of PCBs the price is
DM45/30/20 per item (two-sided, 2x solder resist, free-form shape) pr
DM40/27/18 w/o solder resist.

No setup fees, min size is 1dm^2 though. Min size of traces is 0.2mm, min
distance of traces is also 0.2mm; pads need to be 0.6mm (0.4mm for
vias) bigger than the hole; min hole size is 0.4mm.

They accept Gerber (DM15 for processing; if you don't want to pay that
preprocess your Gerber data using the freely available GC Prevue program)
and Eagle .BRD files (no processing fee).

Unfortunately, their page is only in German but Babelfish possibly works
on it:

The prices are listed on



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