RE: 1571 problems

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-07-27 10:12:49

Hello Nick,

--- wrote:
> >After power-up reading the error channel yeilds a
> >trashed status message with garbage characters.
> >"DIRECTORY" gives a trashed listing as well. Seems
> to
> >happen mostly in C-128 mode so *might* be related
> to
> >burst protocol (something I don't know much about.)
> So
> >far I don't see any problems in C-64 mode.
> I've seen this on a C128D before.
> If load"$" gives the correct listing, try connecting
> a 1541 also and see if
> it fixes directory. It somehow solved the problem
> when I tried, but have no
> idea why /how. The problem seemed not to present in
> C64 mode so I figured it
> to be something with the burst or C128 circuitry
> - Nick

I've ALWAYS got a 1541 connected since it's more
reliable than even a NEW 1571 would be anyway. The
1541 exhibits no problems whatsoever in either C-64 or
C-128 mode. That means the IEC buss is functioning
correctly (at least in slow/standard mode) and
isolates the problem to the 1571.

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