Re: Castle Master once again

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-07-26 12:37:22

> I don't know if Ruud Baltissen is subscribing to the plus/4 list.


> I only have been told by Ruud Baltissen that it keeps R/W
> high while 'writing' PC and maybe P to the stack.

That must be centuries ago....
Anyway I seem to remember that you (?) wrote that data was written to the
stack during a reset. Using my debugger I found out that the R/W-line
remained (H) so there is no write-action.
I'll check it again this evening as I have everything still set up for
testing my 651016 project. Hmmm, this means that the CPU UT will be a 65816,
switching to a 6510 again is a little difficult.

Just a question: why do the 65xx processors behave like this ie. doing 7 (?)
cycles of "nonsense"? The Z80 and 80x86 start up with their reset-address
without any "unneeded" actions.

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