Re: Motherboard versions

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 2001-05-30 13:27:38

On Tue, 29 May 2001, David Wood wrote:

> > Strange, the ones I have, have the 2114 onboard. Must check my NTSC one this
> > evening (never opened it).
> I've never personally seen one of these.  I've seen in schematics on funet,
> however, that there IS a c64c without a 2114-style ram IC.

Uneven distribution of CBM variants is something I've noticed more and
more, on eBay and during my time in Austin in discussions with Bo.

Perhaps we could gather together some informal data on the relative
popularity of the well known CBM types.

For my part, I've noticed very similar quantities of old style "breadbox"
and new style "flat" 64s. Probably slightly more of the older variety.
The "flat" C64Cs are common in both 2114 SRAM and integrated varities, and
there are even integrated types with snap-on keyboards and cases (very few
screws used in manufacture; can take one apart with your bare hands).

The older 64Cs in the flat case (characterised by 12V NMOS boards with 2
41464 DRAMs and 6569R5 era chips) are much rarer; they seemed much more
common in the US, as far as I could tell.

In England, 1541s are mostly of the pull-down variety (ALPS mechanism) and
there are very few turn-down (Newtronics) versions. 1541Cs are much rarer,
and there is a version without the inverted "C=" logo (the logo and
background are the same colour as the rest of the front panel text).


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