Re: VIC-20 RS-232 ROM Routines (was: VIC-1011A)

From: Carlsson, Anders (
Date: 2001-05-30 11:06:14

"Ojala Pasi 'Albert'" <> wrote:

> He must be talking about 7-wire, i.e. RTS/CTS, aka hardware handshaking
> as opposed to 3-wire, i.e. XON/XOFF, aka software handshaking.

Aye. But he seems to be correct. In the memory map by Sam Laur, it says
$9110 is the port B output register for user port/RS-232, while $9120 is
the port B output register for keyboard/cassette.

So, does that mean RS-232 communication using hardware handshaking in
theory shouldn't work on the VIC? Anyone having experience of that?

/Anders Carlsson
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