Re: How about email? (was Re: New list please)

From: Hársfalvi, Levente (
Date: 2001-05-12 12:35:21

And well, I just noticed this one...

"Professor" Dredd wrote:

> Well, each one has a right to his own opinion; but I
> would feel awkward to stand by and allow a productive
> member of the community to be BULLIED off the list.

Just to correct something -- NOBODY EVER on this list has spoken of such a
movement, just YOU alone. I'd like to ask you _NOT_TO_ bring emotional
hassle into this 'discussion', and DO_NOT give such words into other's
mouth, just to support your own thoughts.

All that was asked is to create another forum for the jboard discussion in
particular. This doesn't prevent anyone to subscribe to both lists -- I
seriously hope Jeri herself will still stay here at cbm-hackers too! --, it
would just help to separate things that most of us like (whether be from
either 'party'). Noone ever would then complain about traffic and
not-cbm-hackers-like attitude on this list, would give more freedom to
discuss things on Jeri's board(s) and design, with still keeping the
possibility to ask hardware and software related questions here and
discussing suggestions there.

Best regards,


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