Re: How about email? (was Re: New list please)

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-05-11 21:46:57

Hiya Steve,

You really had me going for a minute there, but now
your making sense again  :)

I cannot speak for the old cbm.hackers since I've only
been a subscriber for a relatively short time, but ...

--- Steve Judd <> wrote:

> So, why all the anti-American sentiment?  I'm not
> the only guy who's
> noticed an increase in the last few years.  It's not
> healthy.

Absolutely right. Fer cryin' out loud, there's AT
LEAST ONE THING we all have in common here. I love
reading, thinking and writing about C-64 subjects.
Anything else is secondary. Please, don't let this
community degenerate over nationalistic disputes.
Leave that to the damned politicians.
> other people's projects.  That's the spirit that I
> value, as opposed to
> the actual discussion topics (which, as a software
> guy, are completely 
> over my head these days).

You're not alone brother. I DO enjoy reading about the
technical hardware stuff even when I don't understand
all of it. All I can do is keep quiet and try to make
my questions as intelligent as possible. Other than
that I just hope some of it sticks  ;)

> Without projects of our own,
> and without helping others, we are users, not
> contributors, which makes me
> feel a little awkward.  (But since I'm used to
> feeling awkward, I will
> continue).

I'm glad to know you're so fair minded. I think you
should know that JuddPEG was quite a good
accomplishment and I doubt I'll ever code anything
comparable. For whatever my opinion is worth, I see
you as a valuable member of the community. I hope you
won't forget that the next time I post something that
seems less than "well informed."
> Second, I almost think I detect some hostility
> towards Jeri's work, as if


> Does anyone here want to see that knowledge and
> experience go elsewhere?

Quite correct and that's how I see it too. I'd rather
bring everyone along for the fun, but some seem to be
"party poopers" 

Well, each one has a right to his own opinion; but I
would feel awkward to stand by and allow a productive
member of the community to be BULLIED off the list.

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