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From: Hársfalvi, Levente (
Date: 2001-05-11 21:02:17


(I just got home, and noticed slightly over 100 e-mails in my mailbox :-) ).

Jeri: You did a fantastic job, I'm (again) amazed of your creativity, talent
and determination :-).

And others: just IMHO most people had a point in today's 'traffic'. I both
feel beside the 'fundamental' cbm-hackers group (not the least, because I'm
also here since a few years) and the others who don't share this 'attitude'.

(Eh... Should keep it short, I'll have to go from home soon).

For people, who don't understand what this 'thread' was about: people who
founded this list have been quite different, in the subject of _creating_
things (not asking for creating things), and sharing their ideas and results
with everybody others. If you're curious, you can probably have a rough
example of this attitude if you read the GNU General Public License.

The threads of last months certainly don't fit into this category; the style
has changed a lot, and I can just second that I also don't really like this.

Although Jeri would probably beat most of us in hardware design, and I'm
really amazed of what she has achieved, I have to say that not even the
Jboard discussion was really under the topic. As someone (maybe, Marko? )
said, this is a rather closed design. I wonder if its deep inners will _ever
be published. I'd like to know how such a fantastic thing works (since I
actually learnt _everything_ I know this way), but I don't expect such a big
work to be released to the public for free. On the other hand, this is
certainly not cbm-hackers. ...I'd been happy to read about details in the
design -- not just a feature list and 'user feedback' --, these threads were
certainly not about the hacker's attitude and that's just it.

Guys, do what you want, but please keep wishes and such posts off from the
list. Creating a new list for this discussion should be a good idea, IMHO. I
still certainly _want_ Jeri to be here on cbm-hackers too, I'm just asking
(all of) you all such not_cbm-hackers_in_general style threads to move to
another forum.

BTW I tend to agree with Steve in most other things. And I respect Jeri,
since she has achieved something that I haven't expected to be done ever.
...And it seems like she has achieved that quite easily :-O. Damn, I'd have
called anyone stupid if I don't see it myself but I'm just told of it.

Damn... I'm late :-O.

Best regards,


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