Re: Jeri board and extra things
Date: 2001-05-02 22:32:14

Hallo PD,

> He're what I had in mind. At power up the entire
> KERNAL is copied from a ROM into RAM. Then patches are
> loaded from a special RAM area that is not part of the
> main map and is not succeptible to power loss.

The problem is we have more then one road leading to Rome. Like in the real 
computerworld, if people cannot agree on a design, the firm coming first on 
the market will also set the standard.

The explanation of Marko revealed that FlashROM is something like EEPROM 
and can be programmed while on the board. Knowing this now I think I favour 
using FlashROM. Question: how do we tell the hardware that we want to 
reprogram it? We certainly need some I/O for it and this automatically 
leads to the question: what range are we going to use? (Familiar question, 
isn't it?)

> Another good thing to put there would be system I/O
> configurations defaults. For instance, what if you
> want to address a second SID chip at $DE00, but you
> already have Turbo 232 registers mapped there? Suppose
> you could map them both there and select between the
> two with a softswitch? Then, you'll need someplace to
> store your user-defined default configuration so the
> KERNAL can set the softswitches on powerup.
> Just an idea. I have no clue how it might be done.

The idea is excellent! In the old days you could expand the expansion slot 
with more slots. The producers claimed that their cards made it possible to 
activate only the card of your choice using switches. But I found out that 
no card worked as it should. I had my own ideas about it but your idea just 
revived it. Will tell more about it tomorrow.

Groetjes, Ruud

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