1581/1591 question

From: Frank Kontros (frank_at_kontros.uzhgorod.ua)
Date: 2001-05-02 23:19:02

Hello all,

My floppy mechanics in 1581 again dead. I replaced in past the
original (Mitsubishi?) mechanics with PC 1.44" floppy unit.
BTW, it has several jumpers on the board for configurate it
into different situations. With one rewire I was able to use it
in 1581.

Ok. I'll find another used or new 1.44" floppy drive, but another
question appears. Who have some documentation/firmware about 1591
(prototype?) diskdrive that is the successor of 1581 and can use 1.6M HD
disks? I know it is easy to add extra 8K RAM to 1581 for track cache, but
how complicate to alter the ROM program I've no idea. I found also
many AMIGA flopyy related docs about converting PC floppy to AMIGA
DD/HD, so hardware interfacing shouldn't be problem. Any information
would be appreciated...

Best regards,
 Frank                            mailto:frank@kontros.uzhgorod.ua

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