Re: Jeri board and extra things

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-05-02 12:12:34

Hallo Frank,

> Optional. C128 keyboards can be used or rewired PC keyboards
> can be also used.

I want to see you rewiring a two layer plastic folie type of board :)

I did it once, it wasn't worth the trouble.

> PD> The cassette port can definitely be ditched. Same
> PD> thing with the RF output.
> At least the power lines can be wired to same-type PCB connector for
> compatibility.

What do we gain by ditching it? I have been throwing away thing and
regretted it to often. IMO we should keep the cassette port.

In general I'm not in for a new mobo. The reason is simple: I don't think
enough people are interested to cover the costs involved.

You all wanted new gadgets to be added. To use Ramses' list:
-"Geek port" either as a completely new port or an expansion to the userport
-CBM-serial port
-RS-232 port
-IEEE port
-normal parallel port
-Video card capable of 1280*1024 (Or was it 1200*1024???)
-PC-keyboard connector

This is all I/O. Video card: use ISA or PCI bus

PD> Make the KERNAL customizeable.

What is I/O or KERNAL (and other things) is decided by the PLA. And then we
only want to "influence" a handfull of its lines.
We'll need access to the address- and data lines as well. Replace the 6510
with an small daughterboard and IMHO you can realize all of the above. The
PLA is put on a sepperate daughterboard which only function is to tap the
lines we want to control ourself. (Problem: new small C64 mobos)
I used this daughterboard principle by replacing BOTH the 6510 and PLA. But
this solution is only usable with one type of board again.

Other processor? Replace the 6510 with a daughterboard (on top of the above
one). I've prooven that this is

> -PC-keyboard connector
What about a PS/2-mouse?

> programmed, but FLASH programming needs a prog. device.

If one can reprogram his PC's FLASH-BIOS, it cannot be so difficult to add
this feature to our new design as well.
On the other hand I like the suggested idea of loading the KERNAL in SRAM
but not from EPROM but from disk like an OS. Even a combination should be

Groetjes, Ruud

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