Jeri board and extra things

From: Pinxteren R.van (Ramses) (
Date: 2001-05-02 11:01:26

PD> Other desireable features include ETHERNET, IDE, USB,
PD> SCSI and true RS-232.

>Ethernet and USB are good things. Although, there are many USB->Ethernet
>converters today in the market. BTW, I can't found so many docs about
>programming many USB devices on the manufacturers site. Probably Linux also
>lacks USB devs because manufacturers sells devices only for winXX?

We can take a look at the linux kernel. Here they have made it happen in
plain ansi-C. I think a LOT of the options can be ported. and if one decides
to incorporate one etherrnet device onboard, we can skipp all the other
drivers for the more exotic cards. In my opinion we need to work at the KISS

>IDE and SCSI is not needed inside C64/128. Why complicate the HW
>inside C= and lost compatibility, when from the first time C= used
>peripherals as storage units. I think it's better to connect IDE
>(or SCSI) HDD or CD-ROM drive to 1541 (or equivalent) electronics,
>patch kernal and forget about incompatibility. (At least easier than
>write a new incompatible OS-kernal for C64 (like IDE64)). Parallel
>cables (or Jiffy-DOS like routines) can be used to speed up transfer
>between peripherals and C64 and thats all. (100% CMD command set I
>don't mentioned but have in mind)
I think it is possible to buiold this without updating the entire kernal. We
can build a piece of HW before the actual IDE or SCSI device. This can act
as translator. 
when the device needs to be accessed, we can just use device 8, and then the
controller can decide how to use the port with either IDE or SCSI. 


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