Re: Doorst: rechten commodore

From: Carlsson, Anders (
Date: 2001-04-26 10:20:11

Ruud wrote:

> If purchsed we intend to make good use of it for devices such as 
> handhled game units and handheld computing appliances.

How would a pocket Commodore 64/128 compare to e.g. Color Gameboy? Is 
the SCPU an invention by CMD (which this Merlancia would have to buy 
a license to use) or is it just the interfacing solution CMD owns?

Is there game companies which could be convinced to produce new games
for an updated platform which died ten years ago, and would this new
unit use the VIC-II/SID or some updated chips? If updated, how much
of the C= technology would remain in the game unit? 

Possibly I can see an extreme low-end PDA built on C= technology, but
it had to be dirt cheap to find any buyers, unless it will contain
much improved components - and is it then a 8-bit CBM machine?

Who owns the rights to the 65xx-series? Did MOS Technologies go with
Commodore in the deal, or were the rights/MOS sold many years before?

/Anders Carlsson
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