Someone wants to join the Ring

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-04-26 07:39:10

Hallo allemaal,

Al Evans want to join the Commodo(R/r)ing. See below:

Hello! I would like to add my site to your web ring.

NAME OF SITE: Remember Q-Link!
MY NAME: Al Evans
SHORT DESCRIPTION OF SITE: The site was built around an essay I wrote
several years ago detailing the history of Q-Link and its growth into
America Online. It also includes: Several letters I've received from
other former 'Linkers recounting their personal memories of Q-Link;
exclusive screen shots that I took while online in both public and staff
areas of the system (including examples of the problems that plagued the
system during its last two years in operation); scans of various items
that I hope will be of interest to Commodore 64 users and former Q-Link
members alike; and, of course, a page of links to other Commodore sites.

Thanks for your time. :-)


Going to his site I get a big blue C64 screen plus a "Here" button. Clicking
the button lets me end up in a white screen (timeout?).
Reading the above doesn't give the real Commodore feeling. So I kindly ask
you to visit this site and to give your opinion , please.

Thank you.

Groetjes, Ruud

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