RE: LCD64 Update /Help
Date: 2001-03-12 03:14:44

Thanks all, for your advise.

In summary:
* if I change the 6526 for a 74LS374 I could save the power of this chip;
anybody know off-hand how many mA? I could probably also power-down the 7406
during non-IEC activity.
* I could use Flash for off-line mass-storage (I'm not too familiar with
Flash, I was just going to use battery backed SRAM)
* I could do without the VIC.... at risk of sacrificing compatibility
* power down the CHAR-ROM
* CMOS 555 timer

Some other questions:
* are the 6526a chips better technology than the 6526, could I use a the
8520 for the non TOD chip... would these save me anything further...
* would turning off the clock to the 6510 reduce power during "sleep" mode
and is the 6510 static or dynamic??


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