RE: 6502 core / 128 mode (re: J-Board) (fwd)
Date: 2001-03-12 03:51:19

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001 wrote:

> Hi Jeri,
> I'd stick with the base 65x02.... Especially because the lower outlay cost
> will make a cheaper product all-round.
> One question though, how were you intending to cope with the additional
> memory mapping for the "up to 16Mb SDRAM" option?  If this is via register
> set, it would be great if the tech info was available to we can standardise
> the access method.

What's the resolution?  Even at 640x480, 16 bit, that's a SERIOUS chunk of
video memory.  How's our lowly 8bitta gonna hack this?

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