LCD64 Update /Help
Date: 2001-03-09 05:01:26

Hi All,

Well I've finally burnt a reliable kernal to allow a C64 to run standalone
using a 40char x 4line LCD. (see webpage for pictures, new stufd to be
uploaded next week,

The next step is to introduce the standalone powerpack. I'm intending to use
some decent sized NiCads to provide the 5volt supply.  From what I've read
on the net, 5V should run most of the chips, and in the short-boards (eg
C64e and C64b3) the VIC apprantly doesn't need the higher voltage.

Two issues remain:
1) TOD signal - I'm hoping to use a tuned 555 timer to run at 50Hz
2) power-managment, that is switching off chips that aren't necessary when
running on the LCD  and batteries only. At this stage I was going to use a
manual switch and a separate 5V "rail" for non-essential chips, later I
could use some sort of solid-state switch. I imagine that the following
parts could be disconnected safely and work with most text based software.
*	SID chip
*	character ROM

The VIC ofcourse needs to stay because of the refresh cycles and I also use
it in the kernal (to find active screen RAM). I'm also using a CMOS eprom. I
could find some LP 4464's.

Any other suggestions for chips which could be off-lined or swapped to save
a few mA?
I'm also assuming the short boards use less current because of the newer
design /number of chips. Is this assumption correct?



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