Vintage Computer Festival 5.0

From: rbernardo (
Date: 2001-03-11 10:34:01

Sellam "Sam" Ismail, organizer of the Vintage Computer Festival, now has
a date for VCF 5.0.  It will be September 15-16 at the San Jose Convention
Center in San Jose, California.  Once again it will be a venue where
pre-1986 computers and related hardware/software will be displayed,
discussed, and sold/bought.  And once again, the Fresno Commodore User
Group is planning to have a table at this event.

VCF Europe is to be in late April, but the date and site of VCF East
(East Coast of the United States) has yet to be decided (see the e-mail

My thanks to Sam for his continued, international efforts to promote
vintage computers, and here's to a significant Commodore presence at
VCF 5.0.

                                        Robert Bernardo
                                        Fresno Commodore User Group


Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 08:57:14 -0800 (PST)
From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
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Subject: Re: VCF Boston and 5.0 (resend)

On Sat, 10 Mar 2001, rbernardo wrote:

>       Any word about the progress on the VCF East Coast (Boston)?  
> I've had an inquiry from a Commodore/Amiga person (from none other
> than Jeri Ellsworth, the developer of the 24-bit video board and
> accelerator for the Commodore 64).

Hi Robert.

I'm very sorry for not responding sooner.  I've been quite busy lately.
Plans for VCF East haven't progressed much in the past couple weeks.  I'm
still trying to determine the location and find a suitable venue.  I was
all set to hold it in Providence but the Rhode Island Convention Center
rates are far too high.  I hope to have a solid announcement in a couple

I think it's great that Jeri Ellsworth is interested in the VCF East!

> Is there an exact date for VCF 5.0 in the Bay Area?  I'd like to
> know so that I can contact C= people/companies now for goodies to sell
> at our table.

Yes, September 15-16!  At the San Jose Convention Center again.

Thanks for your continued support.  It will be great to have you again for
a fourth year in a row.  Your support is very much appreciated!

BTW, on my way home from my parents' house in Loomis last Wednesday night,
I caught the last few minutes of the C64 [6581] SID show on KDVS.  It was
very cool!

Sellam Ismail                                    Vintage Computer Festival
International Man of Intrigue and Danger  

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