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On Sat, 10 Mar 2001, I wrote:

> Sellam "Sam" Ismail, organizer of the Vintage Computer Festival, now has
> a date for VCF 5.0.  It will be September 15-16 at the San Jose Convention
> Center in San Jose, California.  Once again it will be a venue where
> pre-1986 computers and related hardware/software will be displayed,
> discussed, and sold/bought.  And once again, the Fresno Commodore User
> Group is planning to have a table at this event.

	After further e-mail, Sam has explained that this year's VCF 5.0
will once again be held in conjunction with the California Extreme Arcade
Show ( ).  Unlike last year in which VCF and CA Extreme
had to share one exhibit hall, this year there will be a wall separating
the two events (no more beeping and booping from the arcade machines).
	After the first day at VCF 4.0 last year and after dinner, I spent
a few pleasant hours wandering around and playing with various video and
pinball arcade machines at CA Extreme.  My main arcade game emphasis --
finding Star Trek, flight sims (there was the great, classic, 1980 Atari
Red Baron flight sim - sit-down version), and of course, games which would
later be translated to Commodore games.  It was great to play the games as
many times as I pleased without having to put in quarters or tokens.  I
didn't even have to pay the modest CA Extreme entrance fee; because our
group had a table at VCF, I was considered a dealer at VCF.
	Below is more information on California Extreme.

					Robert Bernardo
					Fresno Commodore User Group




2001 Extreme: an arcade odyssey

San Jose - Get ready for the worlds largest annual classic arcade show -
CALIFORNIA EXTREME, taking place on Saturday and Sunday, September
15-16, 2001 at the San Jose Convention Center/PARKSIDE HALL in San
Jose, California. One weekend only!

Show times:     Saturday: 11AM - Midnight

                Sunday:   8AM - 11 AM (exhibitors/sponsors only)
                          11 AM - 5PM

                          3 PM  -  Super Auctions (preview starts at noon)


Now in its fifth year, California Extreme is the only arcade show of
its kind in the world. Last year's event drew hundreds of enthusiasts,
including industry personnel and collectors from around the world.
Once inside, you can play for free on an incredible collection of
classic coin-operated video games and pinball machines from the past
60 years.

2001 Extreme will feature games like Space War and PONG, blockbusters
like Asteroids, Missile Command, and Pac Man, as well as an astounding
collection of unreleased and prototype games never seen anywhere else:
all on free play.

Over one hundred different pinball classics from the 1930's through to
today's latest releases, prototypes, and limited production machines
are waiting for your fingers.

The special theme this year is:  2001: a space odyssey. Games featuring
space, the future, science and technology, such as the pinball game
called: 2001, will be especially welcome to this year's show.

But wait, there's more -- Imagine, playing Asteroids or Star Wars on a
30 foot laser display! The experts at LASERS.ORG will be giving the
worlds first publicly announced demonstration of Laser Vector Games:
only at 2001 Extreme.

And for the seriously technically nostalgic, The Vintage Computer
Festival will be right next door.

CALIFORNIA EXTREME is produced by a collective of individuals who
share an interest in arcade games. The show was founded with the
intent of providing a forum for interaction among gaming enthusiasts,
industry professionals, collectors and technology historians all
centered around the fun and nostalgic experience of actually playing
and enjoying the games.

What is California Extreme?

California Extreme is the "Classic Arcade Games Show". In a nutshell,
it's an annual celebration of coin operated pinball machines,
videogames and other novelties you once found in game arcades. It's two
days that celebrate this exceptional entertainment medium, featuring
tournaments, speakers, parts vendors, and an opportunity to play games
you may have not seen for years. All the games on display are set for
free play, so leave your quarters in the ash tray in your car, as you
won't need 'em.

Why a games show?

Arcades were once a fixture on the American urban landscape, and games
were plentiful in rural cities too. The closest heir of today is the
so-called "Family Entertainment Center", which is populated with a
myriad of devices designed only to take your coins quickly and leave
you with a pile of tickets, which you exchange for cheap, trashy toys.
This is entertainment?

California Extreme was born with a desire to share fun coin op games
that are in the hands of private collectors, and to hopefully spread
the word that pinball machines were once plentiful, and that
videogames were not synonymous with "martial arts" and violence.


The show is a great place to bring games you want to sell, and also a
good place to add to your collection, or even start it! Not all games
will be for sale; many collectors bring games to show (or show off!) that
they would never sell.

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