Re: Rossmoller Turboprocess article

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-03-11 10:16:23

Hiya Sam!

I'm really looking forward to your tranlations. It'll
be a big help! Also, if anyone has original documents
for the card, they would help ALOT.

--- Sam Laur <> wrote:
> There seems to be something about it in GO64! issue
> 01/99 but
> I don't have it (and it's one of the issues missing
> from GO64!
> online).
> Anyway, I'll do a full translation of the C=Lehti
> 1/88 article
> later, here are some of the more important (?)
> points in the 
> article, about running the thing.
> There are three trimresistors on the thing, one with
> a red knob
> attached to adjust the module speed, and two to
> adjust 
> synchronization to the C64. Note: They say they
> tested a 
> preliminary "first" version of the card - what you
> have may
> be different. 

Describes my card exactly. I wasn't certain the third
adjustment was a resistor since it appears to be
> Speed control: May be controlled via software, via
> the I/O-port
> at address 1; bit 7 on = fast, off = slow. And when
> the screen
> is switched off, bit 6 on will enable the thing to
> run "as fast
> as it can" asynchronously. The speed can also be
> adjusted
> through the 250k trimpot, in the range of 100kHz -
> 3.2 MHz.

I'll have to try them then. I haven't noticed any
accelleration with the card yet.

> The version of OS they tested had a disk turbo and
> some other
> stuff. Won't support a cassette drive at all. 

I found the DOS wedge, but no disk turbo  :-/

> The memory is battery backed-up, so that's what the
> Varta pack
> is for. Beware: if you run a packed module game,
> it'll stick
> to the backed-up RAM like chewing gum to hair :-)

I've already run into this problem. There must be some
way to 'clear' the battery-backed RAM! Until then, the
card is no longer functional.

> And then there's another article from (of course)
> the gamer's 
> viewpoint: lots of compatibility problems...

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