RE: C64 2 Mhz Hack
Date: 2001-02-27 12:08:56

Hallo Nick,

I'm sorry but I don't ubderstand some things. 

> As some might know, i've been playing around with a core-emulator for the 
> PC in the hope of getting it be the 6510...

A core-emulator just emulates the 6502, not the C64, yes?
"in the hope of getting it be the 6510" This I don't understand at all, I 
am afraid that this is an English idiom I'm not familiar with.

>  To prove how valuable selective
> mirroring is, consider this.  If all is mirrored, the emulator slows to
> 1.3MHz on K6-2/500 PC, If page 0 and page 1 are not mirrored, the core
> emulator runs at 40MHz. If nothing is mirrored, the core will run at 
> 66MHz. (tests done with the bas-test program distributed with C64s). The 
> problem for the PC is ofcourse ISA I/O bus writes needed for transfering 
> data to/from the C64.

Here I am confused as well. Talking about mirroring regarding the SCPU your 
cor-emulator emulates a SCPU?

I'm sorry for any inconvenience but if you rephrase it you would do me a 
big favour. I am always very interested in hardware things.

Groetjes, Ruud

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