RE: C64 2 Mhz Hack
Date: 2001-02-27 12:34:47

Hello Ruud,
It must be that I write in Australian and not English :)

>A core-emulator just emulates the 6502, not the C64, yes?
Yes, a core emulator only emulates the CPU and memory, but none of the I/O
which is handled by the real CBM hardware. The CPU core I have used emulates
the 6510 so that it also supports the undocumented commands (which the 65816
doesn't, but it has 16bit modes etc)

>Here I am confused as well. Talking about mirroring regarding the 
>SCPU your cor-emulator emulates a SCPU?
These are the mirror specs for my core emulator as an example of the gains
which can be made if you limit the amount of memory which has to be
mirrored.... the gains are very significant, but actual values will be
different on a SCPU because of the following.

All writes on the SCPU take at least 1us. The writes to the CIA's take 3us
as there are additional wait-states used to prevent reads until...... (i
forget, something regarding pull-up response)

- Nick


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