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From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-02-15 13:50:38

Howdy Nate! Fancy meeting you here  ;)

Thanks for the run-down on IIC/I2C. Some of it went
over my head, but its enough to know that its a serial
port I can't connect to my Commodore (cry)

--- Nate Dannenberg <> wrote:

> Why all this talk about getting on the net?  It's
> been done already, both
> on stock machines (LUnix, Novaterm 10) and Super-CPU
> accellerated machines
> (JOS, Wheels/The Wave).

That was the original intent of this thread, but I
said NETWORK NEIGHBORHOOD. Not internet.
> What we need, in my opinion, is not a new TCP/IP
> stack, those already
> exist.  We don't need PPP, we already have it.  What
> we need is an
> Ethernet card for the C64/128.  RS232 cards like

Agreed, but how? Even if such a device were designed,
would it work chained into my SuperCPU and RAMLink?
Would it hog up so much system time doing 32k DMAs at
1Mhz that the app wouldn't be allowed time to process
incoming data? Is it possible to get faster DMAs by
going directly to SuperRAM and avoiding the slow
legacy bus altogether (assuming the SuperCPU design
allows it)?

> The HART Cartridge (Hatronics, uses a 16550 UART) is
> better since it's
> primary chip requires one fourth as much interrupt
> usage.  In fact I
> wouldn't be surprised if it were possible to extend
> this to use modern
> versions of the 16x50 that have even larger buffers
> (one model has 64
> bytes!).

Cool  B-)
> Ethernet would be the best thing, since it's more
> widely accepted than
> RS232 in high-speed situations (cablemodem,
> anyone?).

If you can do that, I'll worship you! I'd love to be
able to connect my C-128D to my cablemodem (drool)  :D

What's it take to get a computer to show up in Network
Neighborhood anyway?

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