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From: Nate Dannenberg (
Date: 2001-02-15 21:14:54

> > Ethernet card for the C64/128.  RS232 cards like
> Agreed, but how? Even if such a device were designed,
> would it work chained into my SuperCPU and RAMLink?
> Would it hog up so much system time doing 32k DMAs at
> 1Mhz that the app wouldn't be allowed time to process
> incoming data? Is it possible to get faster DMAs by
> going directly to SuperRAM and avoiding the slow
> legacy bus altogether (assuming the SuperCPU design
> allows it)?

Couldn't tell you word one about Ethernet protocols, except that it
wouldn't take much of a stock C64's CPU to handle DMA.  Transferring a 32K
chunk at 1 MByte/sec would happen in, well, 32768 1MHz clock cycles, plus
the time it takes to set up the transfer.

In otherwords, little or no real CPU load.  The worst load you'll have is
interpreting that data and storing it, displaying it, or whatever.

> If you can do that, I'll worship you! I'd love to be
> able to connect my C-128D to my cablemodem (drool)  :D

Won't be me that does it :)

> What's it take to get a computer to show up in Network
> Neighborhood anyway?

An Ethernet connection between your Windows box and anothr computer like
the C64, as far as I know.  Network Neighborhood is just a convenient way
to point to any given machine on the LAN, as far as I know.

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