From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 2001-02-04 23:08:57

Jochen Adler wrote:
> I think it is impossible to write such a program only by reading the
> RFCs. I think that you need an example how one concrete communication
> between client and server was. I put an 2400baud modem to my
> windows98-PC, made the serial speed to 2400baud, connected two C64
> between the line from PC to modem and analysed the sended and
> received datas of an email-communication.

This is very timely!  There has been discussion on other
mail lists about whether we can use various gadgets with
our Commodores, such as the cheap digital cameras now
widely available, with 9 pin serial connections.

Surely if the PC can communicate with these devices, a C=
with a Swiftlink/T232 could, if only we knew the protocol.

Are there (and if so, can you provide URLs, etc.) Windows
based programs that will analyze/sniff a COM: port and provide
a nice hex dump log of everything that has gone in and out?

It must be Windows based as that's what the software included
with these gadgets works with.

Such a tool would make it pretty easy to figure these protocols
out.  I'd love to be able to hook my Cybiko, Palm Pilot, TI-86,
etc. up to my Commodore to transfer data.
Robin Harbron
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