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From: Jochen Adler (NLQ_at_gmx.de)
Date: 2001-02-04 21:47:26

Hello Ruud,

>Some members of my club have the ambitious idea of browsing the WWW
>using a C64/128 and a modem. But it appears that it is more
>difficult then they thought. The main problem is not finding the
>right information; the well known search engines either flood you
>with a lot of unusable links or, worse, none. I thought that some of
>you certainly are familiar with the subject and could help me with
>links or other kind of information.

I think it is impossible to write such a program only by reading the
RFCs. I think that you need an example how one concrete communication
between client and server was. I put an 2400baud modem to my
windows98-PC, made the serial speed to 2400baud, connected two C64
between the line from PC to modem and analysed the sended and
received datas of an email-communication.

Near Letter Quantity 

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