From: Marcello 'R.D.O.' Magnifico (
Date: 2001-02-05 19:57:40

> > I think that you need an example how one concrete communication
> > between client and server was. I put an 2400baud modem to my
> > windows98-PC, made the serial speed to 2400baud, connected two C64
> > between the line from PC to modem and analysed the sended and
> > received datas of an email-communication.
> This is very timely!

Agree. PPP packets are not this clear thing to read.

> Are there (and if so, can you provide URLs, etc.) Windows
> based programs that will analyze/sniff a COM: port and provide
> a nice hex dump log of everything that has gone in and out?

Dunno 'bout Win stuff. But have found years ago a very good Dos program
that acted as a protocol analyzer for serial lines. It required a PC with
a couple of COM ports, acting as a pass-through monitor.


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