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Date: 2001-02-01 15:04:17


First thanks for everybody answering.

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> >> MvB> Cramming a HTML-parser into 64K is quite a job. Adding a full
> >> MvB> TCP/IP stack won't fit.

IMHO a BASIC interpreter is more difficult and needs more intelligence
(syntax checking !!!) then a parser which reads lines and acts according the

> MRDOM> WOP! The pages! Especially today, some pages can take 100+ KB!

> Everything going to have big (and fast enough) storage (like RAMDisk or
> and stock C64/C128 can do small web browser things (I mean much better
> possibilities than WAP browsers :-).

This is where Frank is absolutely right: store the incoming stuff on a,
preferable fast, medium. The only problem I forsee is the "fast". A standard
1541 stores about 400 Bytes/second. A 9600 BAUD means plm. 900 Bytes/second;
we have a traffic jam. (I forget the possibility of storing it in native RAM
for the moment)

> About images. C64/C128 in graphic mode can display 16 different colors
> (without tricks). Thus no need to cache or store 256 or more color images
> and reload/resample every time. Just store in resized downsampled 16
> colors and voila. 320x200 image takes 8K of RAM. RAM disk or 1541
> disk can fit 21 of such file (without of any compression algorithm). This
> means 21 screens of graphics.

Also correct. But an initial load is needed and nowadays files ain't small.
Not having a REU or equivalent could get you in trouble.

> Lynx is placed under GNU GPL, so the sources are available almost
> everywhere. Stripping away some (many) features, maybe...

This is a PC-browser, isn't it?

What is "CGI" and "ISP"?

Groetjes, Ruud

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