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From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 2000-12-22 00:15:31

William Levak wrote:

> The 2040/3040 has 20 sectors on tracks 18-24.  The 4040 has 19.  The
> reason given for the change was that 20 sectors did not leave enough of a
> gap between the last sector and the first one.

I actually do have a few disks in DOS1 format, as the first disk drive
we used at school way back was a 3040. 

I tried to modify the VC1541 ROMs to be able to at least read the 670
but, to be honest, I don't remember whether it worked. I think I did it
simply modifying the DOS table with the numbers of sectors.

Also I wanted to add 3040 emulation in VICE, but I had problems with the
6530 emulation. VICE does not emulate the GCR processor (6504) directly,
only the interface to the "big" drive CPU (the 6502). As far as I know
there is no hardware difference between 3040 and 4040, but I did not
manage to analyze the comms between the two processors enough to be able
to emulate the GCR processor :-(
As far as I remember the 3040 emulation is not in the menu, but you
be able to enable it from the command line (on Unix at least).

I assume the difference between 2040 and 3040 is the same as e.g.
between the
2008 and 3008 - the numbering that I think was different between US and

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