Re: Symbolic assembler

From: Marcello Magnifico (
Date: 2000-12-22 01:37:49

> > A standard package exists; the Macro Assembler from Commodore. I'm also
> > looking for it, by the way.
> I have the "Commodore Assembler Developement System"
> with manual titled "The Commodore 64 Macro Assembler
> Developement System"
> is that what you're talking about?

Yes. Its main features include three relocated versions of a ZOOM-like
assembler, a Macro Assembler itself, and maybe some miscellaneous

> (don't know if it works or could be .d64'd)

If d64'd, it surely will work because it's far less hardware-intrinsic
than a game. Obviously I was looking for an original, if available.


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