Re: 4040

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2000-12-20 08:03:53

Hallo William,

> I have added DOS version numbers to you list as follows:


> You should be able to switch the ROMs and 6530 to the working board and
> the system should run.  If not, one of the ROMs or the 6530 is bad.
> Remember:  you must use the correct 6530 for the ROMs.
>            Be careful not to mix ROMs from differemt versions.
>            UK6 is the GCR ROM.  It is the same for all versions.
>            If it is defective, you will not be able to read or write.

I will take my own 4040 and replace its chips with the DOS 1 versions to see
if this will work. I already saw that there are images available at FUNET so
if the system won't work again, I can check the ROMs. Only have to find a
way to check the 6530.

I'm not at home right now so I cannot check the manuals. The difference
between the 3040 and 4040 is the number of sectors on a some tracks.
Therefor I thought that I would find at least different images for these
machine, not only different DOS-versions.

I will dig up my 3040 (litterally :( ) to check the ROMs. I'll you know.

Groetjes, Ruud

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